Joining forces for a fit and healthy
eastern Netherlands

TOPFIT is a broad partnership of universities, hospitals, colleges, vocational schools, municipalities, companies and residents in Gelderland and Overijssel. We want to be one step ahead of disease, allowing people to stay healthy, fit and active for longer.

Everybody Top Fit

Growing old healthily, who would not wish for that?

It all starts with prevention: living a fit and active life helps us stay healthy for longer. We as TOPFIT want to help with that. By joining forces in the eastern Netherlands, we are looking for ways to avoid getting sick and feel fit for longer.

Our mission is for everyone in the eastern Netherlands to gain two extra healthy years of life . We intend to achieve this by translating new insights and knowledge into applications, therapies and advice. TOPFIT therefore seeks to connect with everyone who is committed to a healthy life: from residents to doctors, from entrepreneurs to researchers.

By identifying problems together, conducting research and developing practical solutions, we will be closer to our goal within 10 years.

By 2030

  • We will detect diseases faster
  • There will be more tailored care and prevention
  • We will see improvements in our use of nutrition, exercise, stress and rest
  • The impact of chronic diseases will be reduced
  • There will be more options for home-based care


ONE step
ahead of disease


TWO extra fit and
healthy years of life


THREE  domains connected:
Healthcare, tech and behavior