Concepts for a Healthy Life

TOPFIT is a strategic open innovation consortium of health care providers, patient organizations, health insurers, companies and knowledge institutions


Impressive progress has been made in recent years in understanding disease processes and the development of new treatment methods. Still, the overall disease burden is enormous and health costs keep increasing. Wouldn’t it be good to be one step ahead of diseases and disease burden and as such gain more healthy life years?

TOPFIT aims to create two more healthy and active life years for citizens by speeding up translation of new knowledge in social, economic and scientific impact domains.

Integrating the three domains of state-of-the-art methods and innovative technologies with knowledge about life style, health care, prevention and nutrition, TOPFIT aims to reduce the regression of health to disease.


ONE step ahead of disease
and disease burden


TWO More healthy life years


THREE Domains connected:
Health, Tech and Food


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