TOPFIT is a strategic open innovation program initiated by Radboud University, Radboudumc, Wageningen University & Research and the University of Twente. Comprising a wide range of partners such as care institutions, companies, insurance companies, municipalities, GGD’s, universities of applied sciences and vocational education. The program has a horizon of 10 years and a current annual turnover of 100 million, and aims to be the largest research embedded Citizen Lab and Health Innovation Hub (including public-private innovation platform) in Northern Europe.

The Northern European Gelderland/Overijssel region offers a unique combination of scientific knowledge and business environment in the fields of (medical) technology, nutrition and health and citizen science approach. Thus the TOPFIT focus ‘One step ahead’: personalized treatment and services innovations in prevention, risk profiling and early diagnosis, targeted intervention and self-management, to enhance quality of life, economic and social innovations.

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On short term, more partners will join the TOPFIT impact programme, and subsequently the board of directors will be expanded.

Board of directors

Prof. dr. ir. Nico Verdonschot

University of Twente

Prof. dr. Lutgarde Buydens

Radboud University

Prof. dr. Jan Smit


Dr. Raoul Bino

Wageningen University and Research

John van der Vegt

ROC van Twente

Anka Mulder

Saxion University of Applied Sciences

Management Team

Remke Burie

Universiteit Twente

Pim Assendelft


Hans Vossensteyn

Saxion University of Applies Sciences

Marc Rinkes

Rijnstate Hospital

Nathalie Bovy


Nico Verdonschot

University of Twente

Ben Kokkeler