ICMS Factsheet 2021

  A new year with new opportunities to realize ou ambitions has begun. Before we look forward, we take a look Annual factsheet back on the first year of ICMS. To give you a total overview of what we already achieved together we developed this ICMS factsheet.

Chair of Neuromechanical Engineering

The Chair of Neuromechanical Engineering was established in July 2021 at the University of Twente (Faculty of Engineering Technology, Department of Biomechanical Engineering) and is headed by Prof. Massimo Sartori. The new Chair will establish a unique roadmap for understanding how human movement emerges from the interplay between the nervous system and the musculoskeletal system, […]

Professor of Education in Movement

Prof. Dr. Esther Tanck has been appointed professor of Education in Movement at Radboudumc/Radboud University. She will be involved in developing education in the field of clinical movement sciences. As professor of Education in Movement, Esther Tanck therefore wants to position clinical movement sciences better. By linking the Clinical Human Movement Sciences specialization of the […]

Professor of Personalized Pharmaceutical Care

Clinical Research Lead and member of the executive committee of ICMS, Bart van den Bemt has been appointed as professor of Personalized Pharmaceutical Care at Radboud University / Radboudumc. His special teaching assignment was established in collaboration with the Sint Maartenskliniek. Van den Bemt’s goal is to make the patient’s drug use more effective, safer […]