Impact for the innovation ecosystem in East Netherlands

Groundbreaking innovations for a healthy life are the points on the horizon for TOPFIT, the impact on which all efforts are aimed. These innovations must lead to a social effect through healthcare system innovations in the form of “two extra active life years”, TOPFIT’s mission.

TOPFIT uses a multi-year agenda and roadmaps around mission-driven programs, in which the social challenge of “prevention in all stages of life” is central and solutions are developed that form the basis for the earning capacity of citizens, healthcare institutions and innovative companies.

TOPFIT’s mission programs generate new knowledge and socio-technical innovations over a period of 3 to 5 years and create conditions for their adoption through competence promotion among healthcare professionals. TOPFIT does this by stimulating and facilitating regional learning communities; together with vocational training and with professionals in care organizations. It is precisely there that TOPFIT wants to offer challenges to ‘top people’ who are of crucial importance for socio-technical innovations, it is precisely there that strengthening of knowledge transfer and the valorisation process for greater impact takes place, precisely these professionals are of great importance for the organizing capacity of research and development. innovation ecosystems.

Impact for healthcare: interventions & service innovations for prevention in all stages of life

To promote the impact on the organization of care & welfare TOPFIT works together with care & welfare organizations, the employers’ organizations in this sector, GGDs, vocational training, citizens, and the national funds and insurers. TOPFIT responds to current questions and contributes to effective adoption of personalized treatment and service innovations for prevention, risk-oriented interventions, early diagnosis and self-management in the event of illness. This broad approach fits in seamlessly with initiatives such as the NFU trajectory “Knowledge and Innovation with and for a healthy region” and the VWS trajectory “The right care in the right place”.

Impact for organizing capacity: engine and platform for Open Innovation

TOPFIT offers a platform for a variety of organizations in the value chain and forms the organizing capacity to switch between regional clusters in the east of the Netherlands to take a recognizable position in national and international networks and programs. Current examples are the coordinated contributions that partners in TOPFIT have made to the relevant Knowledge and Innovation Agendas (Health and Care, HTSM and TechMed, Key Methodologies), and to the formation of large-scale thematic PPPs with the Top Sectors LSH and HTSM.


Creating the knowledge and technology infrastructure for citizen science in the East Netherlands. Collaboration between citizen communities, researchers, patient organizations, health (care) organizations, companies and municipalities.


Supporting SMEs and start-ups with innovations & digital transformations in healthcare by providing access to innovation projects (including infrastructure, knowledge, end users and business coaching)


Collaboration in mission programs with crossovers between TOPFIT key technologies and key methodologies in medical, behavioral, social, technological (including AI) and spatial disciplines