The development of cardiovascular disease takes several decades, whilst it only takes milliseconds for a serious problem to occur, such as myocardial infarction, cardiac arrest or stroke.  This poses unique challenges to prevent the development and consequences of cardiovascular disease. This is even more relevant given the rapidly ageing population and poor lifestyle in Western countries.

The mission programme Cardiovascular Disease is to reduce the burden of disease through close public-private partnership, also including patients with cardiovascular disease. We anticipate this strategy will lead to the development of new insights, novel technology, innovative products and concepts. The overall aims of the mission are:

1.     Remain healthy as long as possible
2.     Early detection of disease
3.     Rapid start of treatment
4.     Optimised, personalised treatment

It enables the society to make a paradigm shift from a one-size-fits-all treatment to personalised therapy, but also from a “re-active” to a “pro-active” approach focused on primary and secondary prevention.

The programme is led by research groups from the Radboudumc, Radboud University, Wageningen University and Research, University of Twente.

Happy mature people couple exercising for healthy life


For more information, questions or to show your interest in joining the programme, please contact prof. dr. Dick Thijssen (Radboudumc).