Diabetes is a serious disease. In the Netherlands, about 1.2 million people suffer from it, and this number is increasing every year. In some people it develops as a result of an autoimmune disease (type 1 diabetes), in others it is the result of an unhealthy lifestyle (type 2 diabetes). Diabetes often leads to all kinds of serious physical problems: poor circulation, nerve damage, eye and ear complaints, kidney problems, heart disease and much more.

People with diabetes have high levels of sugar in their blood and need to keep them in balance. Medicines help, but a healthy lifestyle is also very important – healthy food and plenty of exercise. In addition, people with diabetes should be monitored by a healthcare professional and undergo frequent treatments. Diabetes care costs a lot of money: around 1.6 billion euros in the Netherlands. But the total social costs are even higher.

Under control

It is very important to ensure that the number of people with diabetes is decreasing, and that the disease impact is less severe for those who do get it. At this point, there is not enough known about the disease to really control it. With the Diabetes on Return program, TOPFIT is looking for new ways to make this possible. Scientific institutions, healthcare institutions, and technology, nutrition and care companies are collaborating to develop tools to provide tailor-made support to patients. We work very closely with people at-risk for diabetes or people who already have the disease. In this way we hear their needs and learn what they really benefit from.

Diabetes on Return brings together all initiatives in the Eastern Netherlands that deal with the disease. We learn from each other and work together in order to develop better solutions faster. In this way, we, among others, prevent diabetes in risk groups and detect mild cases as early as possible, but we also make the lives of people with advanced diabetes easier.

For the coming period Diabetes on Return will develop:

  • A set of technological aids that the patient can use to monitor the glucose level at home and measure the development of other physical complaints such as feet or blood vessels.
  • A set of technological tools that the patient can use to keep track of nutrition, exercise, stress and emotion at home.
  • A digital platform in which all technology is easy to find and use and where the patient comes into contact with healthcare professionals.
  • Artificial intelligence that helps us translate all patient data into information we understand. We can, for example, use this to make a personal profile of patients and keep a close eye on changes in their health status. Based on this, we choose what care is needed.
  • A personal buddy for each patient who helps to optimize the amount and timing of glucose administration and motivates patients to learn and maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  • A package in which users, healthcare professionals and companies further implement findings and innovations in healthcare.
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Want to know more or participate?

For more information and questions about the Diabetes on Return mission program, please us via via info@diabetesonreturn.nl . Would you like to sign up for the newsletter to learn about developments and meetings? Please fill in your e-mail address at the contact form.