The mission programme Movement disorders is executed by the Interdisciplinary Consortium for clinical Movement Sciences & technology (ICMS).

ICMS is aimed at improving the quality of life and maintaining independence and social participation of people suffering from movement disorders. This goal will be achieved through joint and interdisciplinary scientific research focused at innovation whereby a close cooperation exists between scientists, private health funding organizations and  innovative companies.

ICMS is a unique partnership between the Sint Maartenskliniek (a specialized hospital entirely focused on movement disorders), the Radboud University Medical Centre, the University of Twente, Roessingh Research & Development (RRD) part of  Roessingh Rehabilitation Centre. ICMS is working together with science driven companies (national and international). ICMS  research is on the one hand driven by curiosity and the ambition to belong to the international scientific top, and on the other hand by a felt social responsibility to contribute to providing solutions for the future of our health care system.


The following three programs with research lines were (bottom up) defined:

Monitoring and supporting movement

  • Movement analysis & modelling
  • Advanced sensor technology
  • Rehabilitation robotics

Personalized (surgical) treatment  and coaching

  • Predictive analytics
  • Implementation and evaluation of eHealth
  • Personalized orthopedic surgery

Early diagnostics and personalized pharmacology

  • Pathogenesis OA
  • Personalized pharmacology

How it started:

Already in 2019 Theo Mulder talked about the origin  and relevance of ICMS on the
‘Verder in Beweging’ congress: Talk Theo Mulder Verder in Beweging (in Dutch)


ICMS stimulates the cooperation between the partners by means of community building, organizing meet-ups to connect, formation of joint scientific projects and programs. In addition ICMS is focused on  business development, optimizing grant applications and lobby, internships technical medicine, and so on.