Problems in the kidneys are sometimes not detected until late. The sooner doctors and patients recognise this, the less drastic the consequences are. So that’s what we’re aiming for.

The aim of the mission programme Renal disorders is to provide excellent, efficient and innovative clinical care to patients and to be a leader in the field of renal disease research. 


  1. We will increase knowledge of the molecular and immunological basis of glomerular and tubular disorders and of graft performance.
  2. We will combine genetic and functional cutting-edge methodology to diagnose and identify novel renal diseases.
  3. We will identify novel therapeutic targets for renal disorders and kidney transplant survival.
  4. We aim to develop biomarkers for optimal diagnosis, prevention and prognosis of renal diseases, kidney injury and transplant survival.
  5. We aim to optimize treatment strategies for patients with renal diseases, focusing on patient-tailored treatment.
  6. We will apply strategies for preventing and improving renal replacement therapy.

The programme is led by research groups from Radboudumc, Radboud University, TNO, and University of Twente.

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For more information, questions or to show your interest in joining the programme, please contact prof. dr. Joost Hoenderop