TOPFIT operates with administrative support from ThinkEast as one of the two ‘icon projects’ under the strategic banner Concepts for a Healthy Life of the East region to achieve strategic impact, primarily for citizens and organizations active in East Netherlands, under the denominator:

VISION:        1 step ahead of getting sick and being sick

MISSION:     2 extra healthy life years

STRATEGY:  bundling 3 knowledge domains: care, technology, lifestyle & behavior

TOPFIT, i.e. the organizations that join forces in the TOPFIT consortium, want to make a powerful contribution to the Dutch innovation system for care & welfare, starting in the east of the Netherlands. In doing so, we work with the following four strategic priorities:

  • stimulating of program development and cooperation through joint roadmaps
  • support for the growth of the consortium and raising funding for strategic projects
  • stimulating scalable learning communities to learn and innovate from a variety of bottom-up innovation approaches
  • organizing showcases of results and positioning them in strategic investment agendas of major stakeholders in the East Region

In the current period 2021-2025, the impact-oriented results of the strategic priorities will be executed in disease-driven mission programs. This results in interventions and service innovations for prevention in all stages of life. These mission programs are embedded in a basic prevention program. These programs jointly form the organizing capacity of TOPFIT and the Open Innovation platform for learning communities in a variety of regional cluster partnerships such as the Community of Care (Arnhem-Nijmegen), GROZ Deventer and the TOPFIT Citizenlab in collaboration with. Vital Twente. TOPFIT is developing the regional innovation ecosystem in conjunction with other strategic initiatives in the East Netherlands, such as Health Valley, Health Innovation Parc, the TechMed cluster Twente, the ICMS and One Planet Research Center.