TOPFIT is a strategic research & innovation partnership related to prevention in the eastern Netherlands. We believe we can achieve our goals by connecting and supporting researchers, developers and professionals. This should lead to sustainable collaboration, practical results and knowledge sharing.

From Stimulation to Showcasing

TOPFIT wants to stimulate program development between partners, bringing together researchers and professionals within the sectors tech, healthcare and behavior. TOPFIT provides support for broad grant applications and the formation of consortia between the partners.

By Sharing best practices and research results of its partners, professionals and fieldlabs TOPFIT helps to identify knowledge and problems and develop real world applications. By showcasing our successes, we demonstrate that the East Netherlands is a knowledge stronghold that can play a role in regional, national and international strategic investment agendas.


To achieve our social goals, we are pursuing 5 challenges that our projects must meet. These form the common thread within each mission program.

  • We involve residents from the very beginning in research, innovation and implementation of results and applications.
  • We realize effective and efficient solutions for the prediction of diseases at an early stage.
  • We ensure that care solutions can be applied remotely, in people’s homes, using new technology.
  • We train the professionals of the future: health professionals with knowledge of technology and tech professionals with knowledge of healthcare.
  • Together, we are looking for revenue models for prevention and health promotion so that, in time, attention and investments shift from disease to health.

Mission programmes

Researchers, developers and professionals find each other mainly through disease-driven mission programmes. These programs are a way let experts of the TOPFIT partners work together and work closely with TOPFIT-wide support.