Concepts for a Healthy Life

TOPFIT is a strategic open innovation consortium of health care providers, citizen initiatives, health insurers, companies and knowledge institutions

TOPFIT 1,2,3

Everyone knows that by living healthier we also stay healthier. If you go through life fit and active, you not only prevent health problems, but you also feel better in your work and social life.

Healthcare is nowadays increasingly concerned with the prevention of diseases. And that is very important: we are living longer and our health care system is getting tougher. If we do not intervene, health care will soon not be affordable.

Fortunately, there are many parties in the Eastern Netherlands that are involved in disease prevention. But we can do more: if we co-operate we will find many more new ways to stay healthy. TOPFIT connects everyone who is committed to a healthier life: from resident and doctor to welfare worker, from innovative entrepreneur to health insurer and researcher. Together we are strong.

Our mission: 1,2,3

By staying one step ahead of diseases, we want to gain two more healthy and active life years. To make this possible, the three areas of expertise care, technology and behavior of Gelderland and Overijssel work together optimally. We join forces, learn from each other, dare to experiment and enter into dialogue with the inhabitants of this region.

In 2030

  • We detect diseases earlier
  • Care is more personal and tailor-made
  • Improvements will have been made in lifestyle, in terms of nutrition, exercise, stress and rest
  • The effect of chronic illness has diminished at every stage and at every age
  • Every child gets a healthy start, wherever they grow up
  • Residents are more involved in their own health, care and treatment through tools and technology in the home


ONE step ahead of disease
and disease burden


TWO extra healthy and active life years in 2030


THREE Domains connected:
Health, tech and behavior