TOPFIT is an open innovation consortium that promotes acceleration of innovations in health & wellbeing with a focus on creating a high level innovation ecosystem in the Eastern region of the Netherlands.

TOPFIT is a hub in national and international cooperation programmes under the banner of ‘Concepts for a Healthy Life’, the joint focus of the Provinces of Overijssel and Gelderland in their smart specialisation strategy.

TOPFIT deploys a programmatic approach, aiming at moonshots at a timescale of >10 years, organised in dynamic mission driven programmes that deliver impact for social innovation, health system innovation, economic growth and further scientific excellence, at a time scale of >5 years.

Immediate results within 2 years are new coalitions of health, food and tech expertises that serve social impact and citizen science, new business development and scale ups, and challenging new combinations in scientific excellence.

TOPFIT Citizenlab

Developing knowledge and technology infrastructure for citizen science in East Netherlands. Collaboration between researchers and patient organizations, health care organizations and govermental organisations.