Mission Programmes

TOPFIT deploys a programmatic approach, aiming at moonshots at a timescale of >10 years, organised in dynamic (disease oriented) mission driven programmes that deliver impact for social innovation, health system innovation, economic growth and further scientific excellence, at a time scale of >5 years. Immediate results within 2 years are new coalitions of health, food and tech expertises that serve social impact and citizen science, new business development and scale ups, and challenging new combinations in scientific excellence.

Currently, experts from more than 80 companies and 150 researchers and health professionals are detailing roadmaps for four mission driven programmes on diabetes, cardiovascular disease, movement disorders and renal diseases. More programmes are envisaged.

Diabetes on Return

In Europe around 60 million people suffer from Diabetes Mellitus (DM) and in the Netherlands this number is around 1.2 million. About 90% of these

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Cardiovascular Diseases

The development of cardiovascular disease takes several decades, whilst it only takes milliseconds for a serious problem to occur, such as myocardial infarction, cardiac arrest

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Movement Disorders

The mission programme Movement disorders supports the Interdisciplinary Consortium for clinical Movement Sciences & technology (ICMS). ICMS is aimed at improving the quality of life

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Renal Disorders

The mission programme Renal Disorders aims to deliver excellent, efficient and innovative clinical care to patients, and to be leading in the field of kidney

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